California Occupational License

License Title:
    Proprietary Private Security Officer
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Licensing Agency:
     Department of Consumer Affairs
     Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

Licensing Agency Contact Information:
     Address: PO Box 989002
West Sacramento,  CA  95798

     Phone Number: (916) 322-4000
     Fax Number: (916) 575-7290

     E-mail Address:
     Internet Address:

License Requirements, Fees, and Examination Information:
A proprietary private security officer is defined as an unarmed individual, (1) who is employed exclusively by a single employer, (2) whose primary duty is to provide security services for that employer, (3) whose services are not contracted to any other entity or person, and (4) who meets both of the following criteria:
A) He or she is required to wear a distinctive uniform clearly identifying the individual as a security officer, and
B) He or she is likely to interact with the public while performing his or her duties.

Be 18 or older.
Undergo a criminal history background check through the DOJ and the FBI.

Application Fee - $50
CA Department of Justice (DOJ) Fingerprint Processing Fee - $32
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Fingerprint Processing Fee - $17

The initial license is valid for 2 years. Each renewal cycle extends the registration for an additional 2 years.

Average time to process an application is 30-45 days.

Authority: Business and Professions Code, Division 3, Chapter 11.4
Occupations To Which This License Applies:
Occupation TitleSOC Code
Security Guards 339032