California Occupational License

License Title:
    Exposed Firearm Permit
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Licensing Agency:
     Department of Consumer Affairs
     Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

Licensing Agency Contact Information:
     Address: PO Box 989002
West Sacramento,  CA  95798

     Phone Number: (916) 322-4000
     Fax Number: (916) 575-7290

     E-mail Address:
     Internet Address:

License Requirements, Fees, and Examination Information:
An exposed firearm permit is required to carry a firearm while on duty as an armed security guard, alarm agent, private patrol operator or private investigator.

Be 18 or older.
Be a United States citizen or have permanent legal alien status.
Pass a fourteen (14) hour firearm training course offered by a Bureau approved training facility and taught by a Bureau approved instructor.
Undergo a criminal history firearm eligibility background check through the DOJ and FBI.
Have or obtain a valid security guard registration, alarm agent registration, private patrol operator license or private investigator license.

Renewal requires re-qualification at a Bureau approved training facility twice every 12-month period of the permit with no less than four months and no more than 6 months between re-qualifications.

Initial and renewal applications are obtained from the Bureau approved training facility.

Application Fee - $80
DOJ Fingerprint Processing Fee - $32
FBI Fingerprint processing Fee - $17
DOJ Firearm Qualification Application Fee - $38
Renewal Fee - $98

The initial license is valid for 2 years. Each renewal cycle extends the registration for an additional 2 years.

Average time to process an application is 120 days.

Authority: Business and Professions Code, Chapter 11.3, 11.5, and 11.6
Occupations To Which This License Applies:
Occupation TitleSOC Code
Private Detectives and Investigators 339021
Security Guards 339032