Historical Data for Measures of Income in Los Angeles County
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2021AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$74,1419,905,215
2021AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$728,772,9159,905,215
2020AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$68,54110,013,543
2020AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$684,663,14010,013,543
2019AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$63,25210,063,851
2019AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$635,759,58810,063,851
2018AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$59,61710,100,671
2018AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$601,947,88810,100,671
2017AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$57,32510,114,636
2017AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$580,335,21610,114,636