Historical Data for Measures of Income in Mendocino County
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2021AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$56,04790,445
2021AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$5,117,41190,445
2020AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$53,08791,074
2020AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$4,849,67191,074
2019AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$48,01391,727
2019AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$4,403,78191,727
2018AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$45,65491,726
2018AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$4,192,74791,726
2017AnnualPer Capita Personal Income - BEA$44,23991,609
2017AnnualTotal Personal Income - BEA$4,045,84691,609