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Historical Data for tax in California
YearPeriodTax Type DescriptionTax Revenue
2020AnnualPersonal Income Tax $131,177,581
2020AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $41,859,961
2020AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $26,433,298
2020AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $22,792,840
2020AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $7,811,231
2020AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $4,949,694
2020AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $3,139,292
2020AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $3,136,275
2020AnnualCigarette Tax $1,961,686
2020AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $414,634
2020AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $19,090
2020AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2019AnnualPersonal Income Tax $101,878,958
2019AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $37,047,874
2019AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $23,822,152
2019AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $14,035,432
2019AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $7,797,663
2019AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $4,586,501
2019AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $3,127,761
2019AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,804,697
2019AnnualCigarette Tax $1,957,788
2019AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $382,745
2019AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $16,013
2019AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2018AnnualPersonal Income Tax $100,958,015
2018AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $37,881,567
2018AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $25,180,467
2018AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $14,062,543
2018AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $7,557,711
2018AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $4,599,275
2018AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,935,172
2018AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,722,787
2018AnnualCigarette Tax $2,077,224
2018AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $377,662
2018AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $15,490
2018AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2017AnnualPersonal Income Tax $96,361,121
2017AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $36,325,434
2017AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $23,576,117
2017AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $12,156,145
2017AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $6,351,756
2017AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $4,371,091
2017AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,799,132
2017AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,569,271
2017AnnualCigarette Tax $2,145,003
2017AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $376,059
2017AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $15,060
2017AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2016AnnualPersonal Income Tax $71,351,000
2016AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $25,916,852
2016AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $17,525,555
2016AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $8,682,000
2016AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $5,544,107
2016AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $4,115,531
2016AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,297,000
2016AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,093,171
2016AnnualCigarette Tax $811,518
2016AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $357,000
2016AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $14,862
2016AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2015AnnualPersonal Income Tax $80,753,345
2015AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $25,354,800
2015AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $17,938,961
2015AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $9,902,185
2015AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $5,000,539
2015AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $3,793,190
2015AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,561,932
2015AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,480,547
2015AnnualCigarette Tax $840,034
2015AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $368,699
2015AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $14,537
2015AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2014AnnualPersonal Income Tax $71,351,000
2014AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $25,916,852
2014AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $17,525,555
2014AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $8,682,000
2014AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $5,544,107
2014AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $4,115,531
2014AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,297,000
2014AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,093,171
2014AnnualCigarette Tax $811,518
2014AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $357,000
2014AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $14,862
2014AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2013AnnualPersonal Income Tax $65,662,000
2013AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $24,675,761
2013AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $19,977,635
2013AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $7,971,000
2013AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $6,014,023
2013AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $3,981,718
2013AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,143,000
2013AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,048,591
2013AnnualCigarette Tax $838,518
2013AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $350,000
2013AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $14,684
2013AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2012AnnualPersonal Income Tax $66,809,000,000
2012AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $21,122,106,000
2012AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $16,686,265,000
2012AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $7,462,000,000
2012AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $5,492,850,000
2012AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $3,890,492,000
2012AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,242,379,000
2012AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $1,952,822,000
2012AnnualCigarette Tax $868,703,000
2012AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $357,000,000
2012AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $14,088,000
2012AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2011AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $7,949,000,000
2011AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $5,544,530,000
2011AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $3,836,019,000
2011AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,416,073,000
2011AnnualCigarette Tax $895,677,000
2011AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $346,000,000
2011AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $23,096,000
2011AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $15,838,000
2011AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2010AnnualPersonal Income Tax $50,507,441,000
2010AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $30,996,372,000
2010AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $15,534,779,000
2010AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $9,613,594,000
2010AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $5,705,527,000
2010AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $3,359,359,000
2010AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $3,168,597,000
2010AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,307,022,000
2010AnnualCigarette Tax $905,245,000
2010AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $334,178,000
2010AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $13,548,000
2010AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2009AnnualPersonal Income Tax $45,646,436,000
2009AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $31,197,154,000
2009AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $10,716,353,000
2009AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $9,114,589,000
2009AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $3,379,300,000
2009AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $3,347,781,000
2009AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,163,694,000
2009AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,180,786,000
2009AnnualCigarette Tax $922,986,000
2009AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $311,242,000
2009AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $15,541,000
2009AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $0
2008AnnualPersonal Income Tax $44,355,959,000
2008AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $28,972,302,000
2008AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $11,291,560,000
2008AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $9,535,679,000
2008AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $3,237,473,000
2008AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,180,128,000
2008AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,329,169,000
2008AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,053,850,000
2008AnnualCigarette Tax $1,000,456,000
2008AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $323,934,000
2008AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $30,737,000
2008AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $245,000
2007AnnualPersonal Income Tax $55,745,970,000
2007AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $31,972,874,000
2007AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $14,789,612,000
2007AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $11,849,097,000
2007AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,421,457,000
2007AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $2,939,817,000
2007AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,272,994,000
2007AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,172,936,000
2007AnnualCigarette Tax $1,037,457,000
2007AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $327,260,000
2007AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $34,949,000
2007AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $6,303,000
2006AnnualPersonal Income Tax $53,318,287,000
2006AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $32,669,175,000
2006AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $11,157,898,000
2006AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $10,772,938,000
2006AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,432,527,000
2006AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $2,849,952,000
2006AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,297,389,000
2006AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,178,336,000
2006AnnualCigarette Tax $1,078,536,000
2006AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $333,789,000
2006AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $37,527,000
2006AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $6,348,000
2005AnnualPersonal Income Tax $51,219,823,000
2005AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $32,199,800,000
2005AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $12,477,537,000
2005AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $10,316,467,000
2005AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,393,381,000
2005AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $2,811,928,000
2005AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,253,774,000
2005AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,202,327,000
2005AnnualCigarette Tax $1,088,703,000
2005AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $318,276,000
2005AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $38,018,000
2005AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $3,786,000
2004AnnualPersonal Income Tax $42,992,007,000
2004AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $29,967,136,000
2004AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $10,706,346,000
2004AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $8,670,065,000
2004AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,366,141,000
2004AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $2,716,022,000
2004AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,232,955,000
2004AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,157,683,000
2004AnnualCigarette Tax $1,096,224,000
2004AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $314,252,000
2004AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $213,036,000
2004AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $38,491,000
2003AnnualPersonal Income Tax $36,398,983,000
2003AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $26,506,911,000
2003AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $14,723,758,000
2003AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $6,925,916,000
2003AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,324,883,000
2003AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $2,342,437,000
2003AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $2,114,980,000
2003AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,072,689,000
2003AnnualCigarette Tax $1,081,588,000
2003AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $397,848,000
2003AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $312,826,000
2003AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $42,143,000
2002AnnualPersonal Income Tax $32,709,761,000
2002AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $24,899,025,000
2002AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $20,035,963,000
2002AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $6,803,559,000
2002AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,202,511,000
2002AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $1,986,474,000
2002AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $1,903,128,000
2002AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $1,879,784,000
2002AnnualCigarette Tax $1,055,505,000
2002AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $647,372,000
2002AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $290,564,000
2002AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $42,028,000
2001AnnualPersonal Income Tax $33,046,665,000
2001AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $23,816,406,000
2001AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $9,678,929,000
2001AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $5,333,036,000
2001AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,295,903,000
2001AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $1,945,128,000
2001AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $1,891,776,000
2001AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $1,596,002,000
2001AnnualCigarette Tax $1,102,807,000
2001AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $890,627,000
2001AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $292,627,000
2001AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $44,622,000
2001AnnualTelecommunications Tax $14,264,000
2000AnnualPersonal Income Tax $44,614,297,000
2000AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $24,298,292,000
2000AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $6,899,302,000
2000AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $6,593,226,000
2000AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $3,315,505,000
2000AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,142,142,000
2000AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $1,943,249,000
2000AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $1,496,556,000
2000AnnualCigarette Tax $1,150,856,000
2000AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $934,708,000
2000AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $288,451,000
2000AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $44,541,000
1999AnnualPersonal Income Tax $39,574,649,000
1999AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $23,457,385,000
1999AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $6,638,762,000
1999AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $5,773,384,000
1999AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $3,324,128,000
1999AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,041,370,000
1999AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $1,916,982,000
1999AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $1,299,777,000
1999AnnualCigarette Tax $1,216,646,000
1999AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $928,148,000
1999AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $282,165,000
1999AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $45,563,000
1998AnnualPersonal Income Tax $30,891,480,000
1998AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $21,011,061,000
1998AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $5,724,035,000
1998AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $4,587,831,000
1998AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $3,734,178,000
1998AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $3,026,114,000
1998AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $1,843,443,000
1998AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $1,253,972,000
1998AnnualCigarette Tax $976,548,000
1998AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $890,488,000
1998AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $273,113,000
1998AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $63,562,000
1997AnnualPersonal Income Tax $27,925,096,000
1997AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $19,554,527,000
1997AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $5,837,426,000
1997AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $4,548,015,000
1997AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $3,875,529,000
1997AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $2,853,823,000
1997AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $1,741,273,000
1997AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $1,221,285,000
1997AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $780,197,000
1997AnnualCigarette Tax $644,303,000
1997AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $270,948,000
1997AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $83,630,000
1996AnnualPersonal Income Tax $23,273,258,000
1996AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $18,434,781,000
1996AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $5,788,774,000
1996AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $4,373,130,000
1996AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $3,571,810,000
1996AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $2,806,276,000
1996AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $1,652,899,000
1996AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $1,199,553,000
1996AnnualCigarette Tax $665,423,000
1996AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $599,254,000
1996AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $271,065,000
1996AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $92,366,000
1995AnnualPersonal Income Tax $20,875,045,000
1995AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $17,525,022,000
1995AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $5,862,327,000
1995AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $4,272,369,000
1995AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $3,374,304,000
1995AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $2,774,306,000
1995AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $1,615,708,000
1995AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $1,131,737,000
1995AnnualCigarette Tax $666,811,000
1995AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $659,337,000
1995AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $269,227,000
1995AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $106,057,000
1994AnnualPersonal Income Tax $18,500,000,000
1994AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $16,283,952,000
1994AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $5,716,603,000
1994AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $4,197,613,000
1994AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $3,170,799,000
1994AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $2,620,090,000
1994AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $1,557,077,000
1994AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $998,868,000
1994AnnualCigarette Tax $674,741,000
1994AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $599,000,000
1994AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $268,957,000
1994AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $108,974,000
1993AnnualPersonal Income Tax $17,590,000,000
1993AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $16,204,633,000
1993AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $4,787,474,000
1993AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $3,882,033,000
1993AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $3,005,272,000
1993AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $2,525,511,000
1993AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $1,496,221,000
1993AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $1,197,000,000
1993AnnualCigarette Tax $665,229,000
1993AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $552,000,000
1993AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $276,000,000
1993AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $118,096,000
1992AnnualPersonal Income Tax $17,233,571,000
1992AnnualRetail Sales and Use Taxes $16,611,816,000
1992AnnualBank and Corporation (Income) Taxes $4,777,319,000
1992AnnualMisc. Minor Revenues $4,120,451,000
1992AnnualMotor Vehicle License (In-lieu) Fees $2,962,731,000
1992AnnualMotor Vehicle Fuel Tax $2,468,279,000
1992AnnualMotor Vehicle Registration Fees $1,494,727,000
1992AnnualInsurance Gross Premiums Tax $1,188,181,000
1992AnnualCigarette Tax $691,281,000
1992AnnualEstate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes $466,346,000
1992AnnualAlcoholic Beverage Taxes and Fees $292,107,000
1992AnnualHorse Racing (Parimutuel) License Fees $114,038,000