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Occupational Therapy/Therapist
Occupational Therapy/Therapist. A program that prepares individuals to assist patients limited by physical, cognitive, psychosocial, mental, developmental, and learning disabilities, as well as adverse environmental conditions, to maximize their independence and maintain optimum health through a planned mix of acquired skills, performance motivation, environmental adaptations, assistive technologies, and physical agents. Includes instruction in the basic medical sciences, psychology, sociology, patient assessment and evaluation, standardized and non-standardized tests and measurements, assistive and rehabilitative technologies, ergonomics, environmental health, special education, vocational counseling, health education and promotion, and professional standards and ethics.
Training Providers for Occupational Therapy/Therapist in
Provider Name
Program Name
Dominican University of California Occupational Therapy/Therapist 
Loma Linda University Occupational Therapy/Therapist 
San Jose State University Occupational Therapy/Therapist 

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