"CodeFinder" - Search for an Occupation

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Are you looking for information on a job but don't know the "official" title or code?   Are you looking for corresponding OES or DOT occupational codes?  "CodeFinder" is here to help!!

Type your keyword below.  Click on the "Search" button to see the official Standard Occupational Classification titles and codes that relate to your occupation.  From the list, you can view the occupation's information for your area or see similar occupations from other code systems.

If you know the Standard Occupational Classification detailed occupation code, you can type in the code to search for the title and corresponding codes. You may type it in with or without the dash.

Search tips: Use the plural form of the occupation. For example, "teachers" instead of "teacher" or "secretaries" instead of "secretary". In order to see a more complete list of possible occupations, use a keyword that is less specific to search.  For example, if you want "food workers", then search for "food".  Or use part of a word.  If you want the occupation, "veterinarians," then search for "vet."