Green Transportation Industry Occupational Guides

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What are green transportation occupations and why are they vital to California's green economy? These are jobs that play a role in the effort to develop and implement innovative technologies that transform California's fuel and vehicle types to help attain the state's climate change policies. The broader goal of this changing technology is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the health of the planet.

Jobs relevant to green transportation fall within the following industry sectors: Vehicle and Component Manufacturing; Vehicle Maintenance; Fuel Production; Infrastructure, and Research and Development for Fuels and Vehicles. Some of the occupations listed below are new or emerging, while others are traditional, yet require new skills or knowledge to perform the necessary tasks.

To learn about these occupations, select the links below. California Occupational Guides will display, which describe tasks and skills, outlook, career paths, earnings, and training requirements.

For additional information related to some of these occupations, link to the California Green Transportation Jobs Report produced for the California Energy Commission (CEC) to support their goals in Assembly Bill (AB) 118. Occupational profiles in this report present information related to training programs, recent job listing activity, and - when available - data from the California Green Economy Summary of Survey Results. These profiles are part of the objectives of AB 118, which created the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP). The information in both the Guides and the ARFVTP profiles is sometimes broad, as many of these occupations support a wide range of industries, including transportation. Additional occupations will be included as data become available.

Vehicle and Component Manufacturing

Vehicle Maintenance

Fuel Production


Research and Development

Note: Some occupations are employed in more then one green transportation sector. For example, Industrial Production Managers work in biofuels production and automotive component manufacturing.

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