Health Care in California

The health care industry is a significant and growing part of California’s economy. Health care related occupations from pediatricians to nurses to home health aides represent over seven percent of California’s total employment. Increasing employment opportunities in health care over the next several years will be due in part to the state’s aging population, the addition of over five million to those covered by health insurance as a result of the implementation of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, and technological advances in health care.

The state is well poised to take on the challenges facing its health care industry and the demand for a well-trained health care workforce. The state’s higher education system, public and private, currently has a depth of programs to train all levels of the health care workforce. In addition, the state is one of the first in the nation to begin addressing the burgeoning health care workforce needs due to the expected surge of additional residents covered by health insurance. Opportunities and choices abound for those considering a career in health care.

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Health Care Occupational Data

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Profiles of Key Health Care Occupations by Educational Level

Each profile highlights the most essential occupational information by providing a general job description, job outlook and wage data, and typical qualification requirements. Due to the expected strong employment growth, administrative positions of Medical Secretaries and Medical and Health Services Managers are also included in the profiles.

Doctoral or Professional Degree

Master’s or Bachelor’s Degrees

Associate Degree or Some College

High School Degree, Equivalent, or less than High School

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Health Care Resources

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