Understanding the Green Economy

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What is a "Green" industry or occupation? There are many aspects of work that could be considered green, such as new materials, methods, products, and services. However, we do not yet have a common language capturing the broad and varied nature of green industries and jobs. Several states and many local organizations are working collaboratively to better understand and promote the effects of clean and green technology on our economy. Following is a collection of information from those efforts.

Digest of "Green" Reports and Studies:

To encourage the discussion on how green technology affects the workplace and economy, a consortium of local, state, and federal entities is currently reviewing "green" literature to create a "Digest of Green Reports and Studies". The Digest process, links to Digest forms, and a list of project participants is outlined below.
Index to the Digest  (Updated: November 21, 2011)
As reports and studies are identified, they are added to the Index to the Digest. A participant then reviews the report and prepares a brief summary including the report's contents, methodology, and author. Links to the summary and to the original study are then added to the Index.
How to Contribute to the Digest
Do you know of a green study that should be added to the Green Digest Index? Would you be willing to review a study and write a summary for the Digest Index? If you would like to contribute to this project, contact Cynthia Solorio via e-mail at Cynthia.Solorio@edd.ca.gov or by phone at (916) 262-2202. To submit a report summary for the Digest of Green Reports and Studies, complete the Green Digest Blank Form (MS Word format). See the Step-by-Step Manual for assistance. Please change the template file name to the report title and e-mail it to Trisha.Wong@edd.ca.gov. Except where noted, Adobe Reader may be required to view the documents.

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