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The Employment Development Department (EDD) produces several Labor Market Information (LMI) publications that are available to the public online. These publications are generally produced weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Occasionally, the EDD will produce special reports to inform the public of important economic trends. Below is a list of featured publications as well as links to all labor market information publications produced by the EDD.



Title DateDescription
Biotechnology in CaliforniaApril, 2013The Biotechnology in California Report provides a brief overview of the industries where biotechnology can be found and profiles key occupations in California.
California Energy Commission Alternative and Renewable Fuels and Vehicle Technology Program ReportJune, 2014The California Energy Commission Alternative and Renewable Fuels and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP) Report provides a summary on Regional and Statewide Employment, Employer Demand, and Skills Requirements for ARFVTP-Related Occupations.
California Export Trends in 2015August, 2015This report provides an overview of how exports support jobs in the Golden State.
California Has the World's Eighth Largest EconomySeptember, 2014This report provides some insight into what made California's economy the eighth largest in the world in 2013.
California Labor Market Review June, 2024The California Labor Market Review is a monthly publication analysis and charts on current labor force and industry employment data.
California LMI Trends: Manufacturing ReportMay, 2015This report provides an overview of some of the economic trends within California's manufacturing sector. It explores the impact advanced manufacturing has had on manufacturing productivity and employment. In addition, the earnings of individuals within the state's manufacturing sector were examined from 2000 to 2014.
California Union MembershipApril, 2015This report discusses various aspects on California union membership. The data derived from Current Population Survey, based on 12-month moving averages, was used to provide insight into the demographic characteristics of the California union members.
California Veterans in the WorkforceNovember, 2019This report provides an overview of the workforce trends related to California's veteran workforce in 2019.
California Volunteers in the WorkforceMay, 2014This report provides some insight into the economic and demographic trends related to members of California's workforce that volunteer their time and skills to nonprofit organizations across the state.
California's Coastal and Inland EconomiesSeptember, 2015California’s coastal counties accounted for 90.1 percent of the state’s 15.5 million nonfarm payroll jobs in 2014. Nearly 14 million jobs were located across the state’s 29 coastal counties. Just over 1.5 million jobs were located in the state’s inland counties.