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The California Occupational Guides provide detailed information on California wages, job outlook, education, and licensing requirements for approximately 300 occupations. The Guides offer students and jobseekers occupational information to assist with making informed career choices.

  • Keyword Search
    Select this option if you know the occupation you are interested in researching.

  • Topic Search
    Select this option to narrow your focus, such as by alphabet, interests, education, most openings, fastest growth, and green.

  • Occupation Profiles
    The Occupation Profiles provide similar detailed information on California and local areas, but include more occupations. They offer a longer list of tasks and more of a job search focus.
  • Employment Projections
    Employment Projections forecast future “demand” or "outlook" of the employment for an occupation. These projections estimate long-term (10 years) employment outlook for California and areas. Short-term (2 years) projections are available statewide.

  • Occupational Licenses
    Some occupations require a license or certificate. In California, most licenses are issued by state of California agencies. Check with the licensing agency for California or another state for current information on fees and requirements.

  • Wages and Employment by Occupation
    Occupations are sets of activities or tasks that employees perform. Tables provide wages and employment by occupation.

  • Race/Ethnicity by Sex
    These tables include population, labor force, occupational group, and occupational data for use in developing diversity, affirmative action, or Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) plans such as for federal contract compliance.

  • Training and Apprenticeships
    List of training providers and the programs they offer.
  • Biotechnology in California
    This 2013 report Report provides a brief overview of the industries where biotechnology can be found and profiles key occupations in California.

  • Regional Planning Units
    Learn about California, economic market, and sub-market industry clusters and their occupations. Also access the interactive website with more data.

  • Nontraditional Employment
    California and its local areas have many nontraditional occupations, ones in which individuals of one gender comprise less than 25 percent of the individuals so employed.

  • Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering: 2013
    This report provides statistical information about the participation of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities in science and engineering education and employment.